Team Heal
Team Heal's Effects
Vital statistics
Type Heal
Effects 200 HP Restore
Source Candy Mines
Cost to buy 800 GP
Cost to sell 400 GP

Team Heal (or Team Restore in other versions) is a healing item in Fuyoga RPG. Team Heal heals all party members, including stat decreases, making it the most powerful team heal item in the game.


Team Heals are artifically-made by miners of the age. There is a rare Green Heal, but it is used to navigate the Candy Mines in search of the Hero Medallion.


Team Heals affect out of battle charcters (the one that is in the back party).

That Team Heals can be used to purify the Darkness Effect?

Power of YoreEdit

The Team Heal holds the Power of Yore, otherwise known as a Power Effect, which doubles the users attack power for the rest of the battle, making it a must against Seku, Ryu and Fuyoga.

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