Meso weilds the Banri into battle when he comes onstage for Super Smash Flash DX!


Meso wears his oringinal clothes and can be changed to four different colors.

Ground MovesetEdit

First Attack: Meso swings his Banri downward. Deals 10% Damage.

Second Attack: Meso puts his other hand on Banri and does a side slash. Deals 5% Damage.

Third Attack: Meso stabs his Banri forward. Deals 10% Damage.

Ground Attack: Meso uses his Water Spell to trip the enemy. Deals 4% Damage.

Up Attack: Meso swings his blade upward and sends an enemy airbourne. Deals 8% Damage.

Side Attack: Meso attacks with a Fire Kick, sending enemies away. Deals 14% Damage on-spot; Deals 9% Damage with end flare.

Smash AttacksEdit

Side Smash: Meso stabs his Banri down in front of him, followed up by a Fire Kick. Deals 10-25% Damage 1-99% Charged, Deals 5% Damage uncharged, and deals 30% Damage Fully Charged.

Up Smash: Meso swings Banri upward like Toon Link's UPSmash from Brawl, Swings it back in front of him, and thrusts upward. 1st and 2nd Attack's deal 5% Damage, and Third Attack deals 15% Damage.

Down Smash: Meso spins in a circle, generating electricity. Deals 11-26% Damage 1-99% Charged, 10% Damage uncharged, and 34% Damage Fully Charged.

Air MovesetEdit

Normal Air: Meso swings his sword and preforms a flip, dealing 8% Damage.

Side Air: Meso does another Fire Kick, dealing 15% Damage and sending enemies flying.

Up Air: Meso swings his sword upward. Deals 8% Damage. Similar to Link's upair.

Down Air: Meso swings his sword down and collides with the ground, generating a small earthquake. Deals 10% Damage for each hit.

Special AttacksEdit

Forward: Fire Slice

Downward: Wave

Upward: Air Tornado

Final Smash: Quick Slice

Fire SliceEdit

Meso swings his sword while engulfed in flames, dealing 15% Damage

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