Super Smash Flash DX

Super Smash Flash DX is a fangame explicitly produced by the directors and spriters of Fuyoga RPG with me, Smashshi, as keeper of operations.

Please take note that none of this is 100% confirmed as the game is still in production. This game has taken a detour and everything is being held back until we have time to continue making it.


(A) = Attack Final Smash

(T) = Transormation Final Smash

* = most likely unlockable

Name Universe Final Smash Type Description
Mario Mario Fire Mario (T) Mario gains attack strength and speed, and his special moves are infused with fire. He can do a Mario Finale attack. All that touch him are damaged.
Luigi* Mario Cape Luigi (T) Luigi Uses a Cape Feather and flys around the stage at supersonic speed.
Peach Mario Star Peach (T) Peach uses a Starman to become invincible. Star Peach also heavily damages all she touchs.
Kirby Kirby Cook Kirby (A) All opponents and items within range become trapped in Kirby's pot, and are given damage as Kirby stirs the pot, after that they will sent to fly along with more items.
Link The Legend of Zelda Triforce Slash (A) Link traps an opponent in the Triforce as his slashes repeatedly and knocks his opponent with a KO.
Yoshi Yoshi Super Dragon (T) Yoshi gains a wings and the ability to use fireball based attacks.
Samus Metroid Zero Laser Samus: (A) Samus: Samus fires a massive laser in front of her. It is unknown if Zero Suit Samus will appear.
Fox Star Fox Landmaster (A) Fox summons the Landmaster, containing all its abilities from Brawl.
Ness* Earthbound/Mother PK Starstorm (A) Ness summons a barrage of meteors from the top of the screen.
Captain Falcon* F-Zero Super Falcon Punch (A) Captain Falcon charges, then unleashes a gigantic Falcon Punch.
Sonic Sonic Super Sonic (T) Sonic gains attack strength and speed, and gains various new abilities.
Shadow* Sonic Super Shadow (T) See Super Sonic.
Tails Sonic Tornado Plane (T) Tails flies around in his Tornado and gets to fire missles, rockets, and drop bombs.
Knuckles Sonic Meteor Rock (A) Knuckles uses the Chaos Emeralds to summon a meteor onstage.
Sora Kingdom Hearts Final Form (T) Sora dons the Oathkeeper and Oblivion along with his Final Form Costume. Sora can glide as well.
Inuyasha Inuyasha (Anime) Wind Scar (A) Inuyasha uses the Tetsuiga to unleash the Wind Scar upon the entire stage.
Miroku* Inuyasha (Anime) Wind Tunnel (A) Miroku's Wind Tunnel sucks up every thing in it's path. If other fighters get sucked in, then they are automaticly KOed.
Deca the Hedgehog* "Custom" Destruction Beam (A) Deca jumps up and unleashes a powerful beam, damaging all that are caught in it.

Please note that all of this has subject to change over the course of creation, Smashshi.

Assist TrophiesEdit

Here are some Assist Trophies. (still under confirmation)

* = confirmed


Count Bleck






Here are a few confirmed (and unconfirmed) stages.

* = Most likely Unlockable

Mario UniverseEdit

Sonic UniverseEdit

Legend of Zelda UniverseEdit

Kirby UniverseEdit

Super Smash Bros. UniverseEdit

Custom StagesEdit

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