Ryu fighting the heroes
Vital statistics
Title Final Boss
Gender Male
Race Human/Legendary Hero
Faction Destruction
Health 862
Level 58
Status Normal
Location Temple of Heroes

Ryu (otherwise in the Japanese version, Ruya) is the Final Boss of Fuyoga RPG and will serve as a blockade on the "True Boss".


Ryu is the Legendary Hero spoken of in the tales of Tesu that saved the world from danger in its darkest hour. Ryu is extreamly powerful and is the most powerful boss in the whole game.


Ryu is the final boss of Fuyoga RPG (Except for the true boss, Fuyoga) and most of his attacks have devastating effects, such as the "Legendary Sword" Attack, which lowers the attackers' HP to 1, no matter how high or low it is.


The best way to best Ryu is to have:

Meso: Lv. 54

Ryan: Lv. 52

Florence: Lv. 60

Lee: Lv. 56

Markus: Lv. 53

Since Lee is crucial to beating Ryu, stock him with Rock Candy and Team Heals to make sure that if Florence falls, Lee will be able to take over her Healing Abilities. Meso is the only one that can equip the Legendary Sword, so keep attacking Ryu with Trial and Error to deal at least 150 damage. Keep using Defense Up on everyone with Ryan so that everyone has high defense. Go crazy with Ryan when the Defense Ups Stop working. By about Turn 10, Ryu had have already lost 480 HP, or you will be in BIG TROUBLE. Ryu will start having 2 turns every round, meaning more damage he can deal and heal.


1: Ryu: "Now that you have reached the end, Meso, prepare to fall at the hands of the Legendary Hero, Ryu!"

2: Ryu: "Forgive me, Meso, the error was all mine. You....must...s..sto...stop....him and save...our....WORLD!"

3: Seku: "It appears that Ryu has given you his strength Meso, now use it to end Fuyoga!!!"

4: Fuyoga: " matter, Meso, I took control of Ryu's mind so I could defeat you, but you were too powerful, so I decided to reveal myself. Say goodbye to your pathetic world, Meso!"

5: Ryan: "Get up, Ryu! You are the only one who can save Meso and Tesu!"


Ryu had to fight dragons and serpents to save the world.

That Meso is a descendant of Ryu's Bloodline.

Smashin' it old-school style! 14:22, 9 December 2008 (UTC)

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