Rock Candy
Rock Candy's Effect
Vital statistics
Type Heal & Deal
Effects + 100 HP (Partner) - 100 HP (enemy)
Source Various Rocks
Cost to buy 200 GP
Cost to sell 400 GP

Rock Candy is one of the few items that have a Heal & Deal effect, as when used on an enemy, the Rock Candy will deal one-hundred damage. But when used against you or a other party member, they willl regenerate one-hundred HP.


Rock Candy has been used for centries, way before Ryu was born, and was used as a health helper for miners long ago when they got poisoned by the Carbon Dioxide deep down in the mines. When monsters invaded the mines, the miners used the candy to repel them.


That when combined with a Team Heal, Rock Candy will deal twice as much damage.

That when used on an enemy, a meteor will strike an enemy.

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Smashin' it old-school style! 14:36, 9 December 2008 (UTC)

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