Meso is the main protagonist of Fuyoga RPG: Legend of the Seven Stones. Weilding a sword and magic, Meso travels all across Tesu to find the Seven Legendary Stones and fufill his destiny to save the Universe.


Meso's official look in the Fuyoga RPG Poster


Age: 15 (12 at the beginning of the game)

Skin Color: Apricot

Hair Color: Brown

Battle Clothes: Blue Shirt, Black Pants, Brown Boots, and Brown Cape

Overworld Clothes: Blue Shirt, Black Pants, and Brown Boots

Starting Level: 1

Starting EXP: 00000000

Starting Equipment:

    Weapon: Sword
    Armor: Cotton Shirt
    Hand Armor: Glovelets
    Head Armor: NONE

In the very beginning, Meso is 12 years old and can unlock Lee as a fifth party character.

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