Fuyoga RPG (Fyoga RPG in the Japanese version) is a custom made RPG game being created by me(Smashshi) and others. The RPG System we are currently using to make the game is "RPG Maker VX".

Protaganist CharactersEdit



Gordin, the "Black Sabbath"



Antagonist CharactersEdit







The Prolouge of Fuyoga RPG starts off as Meso as a fourteen year-old (he is seventeen in the real game) boy. You exit the "house" and make your way east, where you'll encounter Meso's father, Moore. After talking with him, go north until you reach a bridge on the west side. Head west across it. After crossing the bridge, you'll have your first battle, but Moore will guide you through it. After winning the battle, head south until you see a black-haired boy, otherwise known as Lee. Battle Lee and if you win, Lee will join your party for now (but later he will join your party permenatly). Head southwest and make your way to the shop, talk to the old man there and then, on your way back, you will be encountered by Taru and Julian. Answer "No" to all there questions to trigger a battle. They are way too powerful for you, so use the defend command, in which the will still down Meso and Lee. Both of you fall asleep from the tough battle...

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